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  /  Checklist before the exhibition
What to watch out for while preparing for the exhibition.

Checklist before the exhibition

We will send you a valuable checklist with advice on how to prepare before the exhibition to your e-mail. It is not important whether you are preparing a small presentation or have reserved the entire pavilion. Each successful participation in the exhibition is preceded by rigorous preparation.

From design to exhibition

Are your stalls dull and the same as everyone´s around you? Do you want to attract the attention of passers-by and make them closer to you?

Stand out from the competition and leave an unforgettable impression thanks to these 5 simple steps.

1. Creating a plan

We will personally explain to you how to make your brand exceptional and how participation in the exhibition can bring you the desired success. We will listen to your ideas, consult them, propose options, and create a plan of steps together that will lead you to the desired result.

2. Draft of an original design

Remember that the exhibition stall is your business card. Together we will create a design that will set you apart from the competition and draw people closer. Modern elements. Ideas on how to make the best use of every centimetre of space. Luxurious furniture or lighting that overshadows everyone around? This is exactly how your stall will be with us. The uniqueness of our designs sets us apart. This is also why clients choose our services.

3. Price offer

We are open-minded and always looking for win-win solutions. We will agree on the price and conditions in advance. No hidden fees. Thanks to our creativity, we can save you money on marketing. This process already starts at the first meeting, when we propose how to create your stall so that it meets the desired goal (reduction of costs, increase in sales). We offer you various financing options.

4. Honest production of the stalls

We can proudly declare that all our stalls bear the stamp Made in Slovakia. Every piece that passes through the hands of our experienced team of carpenters is painstakingly detailed. The choice of furniture, AV technology, lighting, floral decoration – leave it all to us. We will also take care of graphic outputs that will decorate your exhibition stall and attract passers-by.

5. Delivery and setting up of the stall

We will prepare the stall on the set date, well-made, clean, and ready for the show. As a bonus, you have on-site service available during the congress, exhibition, or conference. After the stand is finished, we dismantle, pack, transport and store it safely.

Additional services

Upon agreement, we can also arrange for you: catering, hostesses, transport of people (airport, hotel, etc.), brochures, marketing and presentation materials. Tell us your ideas and we will try to pursue them. We will create a unique experience from your presentation. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.